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image of the doctor Dr. Richard K. Jackson PA

Dr. Richard K. Jackson PA

Dr. Richard K. Jackson is a distinguished dentist who has mastered the art and science of oral healthcare with unparalleled expertise and passion. He constantly strives to provide exceptional dental care while prioritizing patient comfort and overall well-being. Known for his gentle demeanor and warm personality, he effortlessly creates a welcoming environment that immediately puts patients at ease upon entering his state-of-the-art clinic in the flourishing West Palm Beach, Florida, area. With years of expertise under his belt, Dr. Jackson's commitment to staying at the forefront of dental advancements ensures that every visit is not only comfortable but also relaxing for his patients.

Offering a comprehensive range of services, from veneers to implant restoration and extractions to dentures, Dr. Jackson caters to both children and adults alike. By providing full-service dentistry solutions, he aims to address all oral healthcare needs in one place — preventing recurring problems and saving our patients time and inconvenience in the long run. Trust Dr. Jackson with your smile; you'll experience personalized care like never before.


1975 Sansburys Way STE 112,
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

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